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[Harlow] [Harlow]

WW Spoiled Girl

called "Harlow"

DOB: on June 3, 2015

Hi! My name is WW Spoiled Girl. I'm also called Harlow. I would just love to be your special Spoiled Girl. Lemme tell you a little bit about me, okay?

I was born on June 3, 2015. My mama is WW Suzy Berry and my dada is Kiowa Producer. I ran lotsa races, 73 altogether. My trainers think I'm super special, they told my foster mama so. Anyhows, I came to my foster mama's house on April 4th. She has two other girl greyhounds. One of 'em is really old and we mostly ignore each other. The other one's 'round a year older than me and she wants to play. I don't wanna play with her though. I mean, I like her okay and all, I just don't wanna chase her around and shake stuffies, like she does. The point I'm making is, if you got other greyhounds, I'll treat 'em with respect, but don't expect me to be all playful with 'em. My foster mama says she's very impressed by me, which I think is totally appropriate. I am pretty impressive, after all! She thinks it is awesome that I'm already house trained. I know how to go to the back door and roo until she comes to open the door for me. And I know to roo when I am ready to come back in, too. My foster mama has a "dog door," that she wants me to use instead of rooing, so I can do that, too, if it floats your boat. I'm super affectionate and love to give and receive kisses and hugs. Now when it comes to walking on a leash, foster mama says I "need some work," so I'm trying hard to figure out what she means and do it right.

When it comes to small dogs and cats, I have not yet figured out what I think of them. They are super interesting and I'd really like to get closer to see them. Foster Mama says I have to practice "social distancing" for now, though. She is happy that I don't lunge at them, though. She calls me a really good, spoiled girl.